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New!Shenhao 4X5 HZX45- A Folding Profressional Camera

MATERIAL USED: Teak,Walnut,copper

Technique Paramter:

Brings size:60mm,Stretch size:360mm,

Turning angle of lens plate:rise/fall-37mm/32mm,

Camera back:baes tilt front90°,back40°

Camera back:Swing-20°

Turning angle of lens plate:Left/right-17°

Turning angle of lens plate:Tilt-90°,forwards-45°

Turning angle of lens plate:Left/right move 38mm


FORMAT:4x5 inch



payment and shipping:

I accept payment by paypal, MoneyBookers.com ,wire transfer,money transfer of western union.

I will send the item in 3 workdays after I receive payment.Shipping to worldwide by EMS via Chinapost.

The shipping cost to United States, Canada, Asia, Australia is :US$85

The shipping cost to United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy is :US$95

The shipping cost to Worldwide is :US$110

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