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New!Gaoersi 617 SHIFT 6X17 CAMERA

Buy it Now = US$1088

Gaoersi 617 camera with shift function, interchangeable lens adapters, come with a helicoid focusing mount (The camera has many different kinds of adapter to choose: from 72mm--300mm lens.)The camera can shift up or down 16mm.It is very useful funtion for shoting architecture or building.

This auction included a lens mount, fixed finder, ground glass, 6X12 and 6X15 mask and a aluminium metal case.

The camera back has a 6x17 cm window with selected display numbers: 2, 5, 8 and 12. With the camera, a total of four photos can be taken with a roll of 120 films.

The camera is well designed and precisely hand-made to obtain a super performance but less trouble making. It is also very friendly to use.

This auction not including:Lens. 

This auciton including:body,75mm lens adapter,viewfinder.

If you needn't 72mm or 75mm adapter and choose 90mm or 110mm or 120mm or 135mm or 150mm or 180mm adapter,you must pay more US$60.

If you needn't 72mm or 75mm adapter and choose 210mm or 250mm or 300mm adapter,you must pay more US$100.

payment and shipping:

I accept payment by paypal, MoneyBookers.com ,wire transfer,money transfer of western union.

I will send the item in 3 workdays after I receive payment.Shipping to worldwide by EMS via Chinapost.

The Gaoersi 617 camera kit (including:body,72mm lens adapter, viewfinder) weigh:1.2Kg.The weight with the package:4.3Kg

The shipping cost to United States, Canada, Asia, Australia is :US$65

The shipping cost to United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy is :US$78

The shipping cost to Worldwide is :US$115

(Note:It is real Gaoersi camera just when there is logo in the back of body.Or it is not real.)

comments from photographer Vincent:

The Gaoersi 617 is a specialist camera for experienced photographers who are used to manual processes with film cameras. It requires a slow and deliberative approach to taking photos and is most suitable for those with large format or at least medium format experience.

All cameras provide only a small part of the process to generate worthwhile images which particularly applies to this kind of camera. However, provided you’re appropriately set up to do so, it offers an affordable route to generate large high quality prints through the digital darkroom.

Overall, for the right photographer, I think that it’s a great camera and great value.


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